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About Us

About Us

Let's drive the future of Ugandan golf together!

The Uganda Golf Union (UGU) is the governing body responsible for overseeing and promoting the game of golf in Uganda. With a mission to develop and nurture the sport at all levels, the UGU plays a vital role in organizing, coaching, and facilitating golf activities throughout the country. As an inclusive organization, we work closely with golf clubs, regions, and schools to cultivate a vibrant golfing community in Uganda.

Our Role: At the Uganda Golf Union, we are committed to upholding the integrity and spirit of the game while fostering its growth and popularity. We take pride in the following key areas of our responsibility:

Management and Administration:
As the central authority for golf in Uganda, the UGU diligently manages and administers all aspects of the sport. We ensure that golf clubs operate in compliance with established guidelines, regulations, and standards, guaranteeing fair play and a positive golfing experience for all.


Coaching and Development:
We are passionate about nurturing talent and developing golf skills at all levels. Through our coaching programs and initiatives, we provide aspiring golfers with professional guidance, training, and resources to help them reach their full potential. From beginners to elite athletes, our focus is on creating a supportive and progressive learning environment.


Events and Competitions:
The UGU organizes and sanctions a wide range of golf events and competitions across Uganda. From local tournaments to national championships, these events serve as platforms for golfers to showcase their skills, foster camaraderie, and promote healthy competition. We also collaborate with regional and international bodies to facilitate participation in prestigious golfing events.


Collaboration and Partnerships:
Recognizing the power of collaboration, the UGU actively engages with stakeholders within the golfing community and beyond. We foster partnerships with golf clubs, schools, government bodies, corporate sponsors, and other organizations to collectively drive the growth and development of golf in Uganda.

About Us

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To become the best golf administrative body in Africa that will grow the game of golf to reach every corner of the country.

Our Mission

To supervise and ensure advancement of golf countrywide and beyond through strong and sustainable strategic partnerships while assisting members in promotion and development of golf within their respective clubs and associations for the collective good and in line with the established rules of golf.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Dr. Jackson Were
Anthony Agaba
Vice President
Dr. Fred Magala
Honorary Secretary
Annette Kiconco
Paul Habyarimana
Committee Member
Joseph Okudi
Committee Member
Doreen Mwesigye
ULGU President